Innovators Wanted:

Are you starting your own company and looking for space to grow?
Working remotely from home and would rather be able to collaborate and talk to others in your field?
Part of a local company but looking to get away from the office and put in productive, uninterrupted work hours?
Freelancing and would like an office community and space to meet with clients?

Where will you work?

Pubforge is comprised of two unique environments, tailored to your work needs.

The Workshop

The 2nd Floor of Tellus360 by day. Complete with secure wifi, flexible seating areas, rooftop access, and a-la-carte coffee & tea.

The Crucible

A dedicated, focused environment where you can be at your most productive. Desks, office chairs, hard-wired reliable internet, video-conference booths, rooftop access, and unlimited coffee & tea.

Upcoming Events

Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in the Crucible. Come on in & catch up with our growing tech community.



Monthly Meetups

PlayTest Board Game Design Meetup



Tech Lancaster

Tech Lancaster



Monthly Meetups

Shine Lancaster

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Accomplish what others don't, at Pubforge

Where to find us

We’re located half a block from downtown Lancaster’s Penn Square, on the 2nd floor of Tellus360.

Access us through the Pubforge door, on the side of the building leading to the parking garage. You can’t miss it, it says Pubforge in bright yellow.

24 E. King St., Suite 42, Lancaster, PA 17602

Take a Tour

Take a tour and see what we’re cooking up.