Things We Value

Begin each morning with a mantra of “What am I here to accomplish today?” Like all of us, you are here to work in a damned-near-perfect atmosphere, intentionally architected so that you can get more sh*t done in the day. Achieve your goals for the day & we’ll help you celebrate your successes at 5pm in Tig Caleb.
Programmer rock stars don’t exist. None of us can stay on top of our ever-shifting industry alone, but the people surrounding you can help. Sit in a different desk tomorrow, ask the new gal to share some advice over a happy hour beer, do a show-your-work-and-tell during lunch time & let the community bring out your A game.
It's the common bond between us. We respect it, revere it, fear it & use it everyday. Pubforge is a space built with technology woven into its very bones – built to inspire each member to push the limits of innovation responsibly & ethically.
Simply put: Get your sh*t done, & let others do the same. If you want to start a flame war over your favorite text editor, Tig Caleb is steps away. It’s the golden rule, people.

Where will you work?

Pubforge is comprised of two unique spaces: The Crucible and The Workshop. Click below to learn more what each space has to offer.

The Crucible
The Workshop

Fiber internet, personal desk space, video conference booths and more all come together in The Crucible – a dedicated, focused environment where you are sure to do your best work.

Where to find us

2nd floor of Tellus360

24 E. King St., Suite 42, Lancaster, PA 17602

Jason Stoltzfus

Steel Member

I'm excited for what this will become!

I don't just see this as a space to work. This feels like it will be a focal point of the tech community in Lancaster, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

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